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Hello Europeans

You can make Europe visible!

In the year 2000, Students from 15 countries take part in a school competition to find a motto for the European Union. Over 2000 proposals were submitted after a selection process one journalist and one European politician from every country vote for the new European motto

United in Diversity

After 17 years we need new strong symbols to bring the European motto to life. With our project "United in Diversity" we want to give all European people the opportunity to express their desire for Peace, Diversity, Freedom, Democracy, Friendship, Love, Humanity, Hope, Solidarity, Freedom of Speech, Collaboration and Equality.

Now its your time!

You have your own view, your own convictions on Europe and the European Union and want to express one of the values Europe stand for, we give you the opportunity to do that.

#UnitedinDiversity #UnitedinColor #MakeEuropeVisible

You + Shirt Design = Visible Europe